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You will be able to build a task manager or ATM management system from scratch even if you do not have programming skills before.
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Python – the easiest programming language to get started.

Strengths of the language – ease of learning and the need for very little technical knowledge, readability, universality, a wide and active user community. For this reason, the Python course in Baku is always recommended as the first programming language for inexperienced programmers. By learning about Python classes, you will be able to work in a variety of areas, from developing websites, games, and various applications. Regardless of which field you choose in the future, we provide you with the most useful and basic knowledge about Python classes that you will need. This knowledge can also be very important in related fields: system administrators and testers. After successfully completing the Python course depending on your future you can easily move on to our other courses, Data Science, Fullstack Python Developer, or Data Analysis with Python.

Python is among the top 10 most requested programming languages. The knowledge you gain during Python courses will not only create a wide range of opportunities for you but will also open an invaluable page in your future career. The most well-known IT companies such as Google, Pixar, YouTube, Instagram, Nasa, Intel, Pinterest use this software language.

Python course will teach you


Python Course teaching process

You will not be faced with innovations: individual consultations by the mentor during the study period, professional support in all developed projects, working experience with the team leader during teamwork.

It will be easy to understand what algorithmic thinking is by optimizing the algorithms that you have built to solve insignificant problems.

You will discover new knowledge through various experiments such as simulators, homework, interactive webinars, individual and team projects.

Course Programme

  • Konsolla tanışlıq
  • Conventional constructions. Comparison operations
  • Introduction to data types and periods
  • Periods. Types of information. Information collections
  • Functions
  • Classes in Python and how to use them
  • Opening and reading a file, writing to a file
  • Work with different data formats
  • Work with the Requests library, HTTP-requests
  • Application of version control system
  • Work history and branches
  • Teamwork
  • Python-da modullar, paketlər, import
  • Iterators and generators
  • Decorators
  • Development of tests
  • Regular expressions
  • Web scraping
Data Analysis

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