Campus Overview


    Welcome To Our Campus

    The advantage of our extension school is that Khazar University has long tradition of quality education. Our main objective is to focus on the content and quality of the education. At the same time, we do provide our student the best and modern environment to learn new skills. The campus is located in the city center and equipped with the latest technology and provides excellent teaching/learning environment and has the same time a personal atmosphere.
    There are well equipped smaller and bigger tutorial rooms, seminar rooms and big lecture halls (from 15 to 250 seats) that will help you to get most of every lecture and seminar. There are a lot of technical suites available with impressive IT facilities that will ensure you have all the resources you need to make the best of your studies.


    Our electronic library provides access to different digital libraries, and students may use the computers of the library. On the basis of a cooperation agreement, our students are entitled to use the library of the Khazar University.


    Do not miss out the cafeteria where you can have a good coffee with some pastry in the breaks or have a full lunch in the middle of the day.


    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
    Benjamin Franklin.