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    Who we are

    We are an extension school of Khazar University which was established in 1991 and was the first university in Azerbaijan composed of multiple independent schools united by the same academic policy and principles, which offer a wide scope of diverse majors in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Architecture, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Economics, Management and Business Administration, Education.
    Data Science is emerging as a disruptive consequence of the digital revolution. It is based on the combination of big data availability, sophisticated data analysis techniques, and scalable computing infrastructures. Data Science is rapidly changing the way we do business, socialize, conduct research, and govern society. Given the interdisciplinary nature of Data Science this extension school offers courses by high-level scholars from different domains, giving to the students the skills to exploit data and models for advancing knowledge in different disciplines.


    What We Do

    Currently we offer Data Science Graduate Certificate and Data Analytics Certificates which will help you to derive predictive insights by applying advanced statistics, modeling, and programming skills. Acquire in-depth knowledge of machine learning and computational techniques. Unearth important questions and intelligence for a range of industries, from product design to finance.
    Our mission is to become the number one Data Science hub for education and research in our region.


    With our program and professional lecturers, you will master key facets of data investigation, including data wrangling, cleaning, sampling, management, exploratory analysis, regression and classification, prediction, and data communication. Additionally, you will implement foundational concepts of data computation, such as data structure, algorithms, parallel computing, simulation, and analysis. You will be able to leverage your knowledge of key subject areas, such as game theory, statistical quality control, exponential smoothing, seasonally adjusted trend analysis, or data visualization.


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